Alzheimer’s Care Remodeling for Elder Care

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A woman searches for her father who died 30 years ago. A man cannot find his way home from the corner store. We’ve all heard stories of people with Alzheimer’s disease. It is not safe to entrust them entirely with their own care.

Alzheimer’s disease is a physical illness which modifies the brain. This disease is usually seen among people over 65. Memory diminishes as age advances, but in case of Alzheimer’s disease, there is more than just memory loss.

Care in the Bedroom

Care in the bedroom is most important for a person living with Alzheimer’s disease. Most of the time he or she will spend a substantial period in the bed, often unresponsively. So it’s a good idea to position them in a recliner.

Bed risers have also been found to be helpful for bed-bound Alzheimer’s patients. This will help in elder care of these patients by preventing the occurrence of acid reflux (acid in the stomach try to move up to the esophagus). This will also help in elder care of Alzheimer’s patient with hiatal hernias.

Elder Care in the Bathroom

Elder care of Alzheimer’s patient in bathroom is a Herculean task for the caregivers. Most of the patients of Alzheimer’s disease feel embarrassed or threatened during bathing.

Before giving a bath to a person with Alzheimer’s, make the room warmer and have the bath towels nearby. If you have smooth and slippery floor in the bathroom, aged care do provide the floor surface with non-slip adhesives. Even textured slips or appliqués on the floors of tubs will help them a lot. Sometimes a bath or shower seat might be very helpful in the elder care of Alzheimer’s patient if your beloved elder is frail or unstable when standing.

It is highly recommended to provide grab bars in the bathtub to thwart falls. In case you are already have the grab bar in the bath tub, check for its strength and stability, and if necessary, please repair it for better elder care. Grab bars should be attached through the tile in the sides of the bathtub. If you are not sure about the attachment, seek the help of someone who is qualified. In order to prevent burns, test the water in advance and set 120 degrees in the water heater.

Elder Care Around Toilets

Elder care in toilet also being important because they may lose of bladder and/or bowel control. A raised toilet seat or over-the-commode can help your elder person to get on and off the toilet easily. Keep the door open and light on, especially at night for easy access by the Alzheimer’s patient. Elder care for the person with Alzheimer’s requires a sense of dignity. Reassure them. It will help them be less embarrassed.

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